There are two places you can record message to work through your task list, the desktop recorder using your computers webcam or our mobile app. Please see below for the steps to record using your webcam and a quick video for the app.

How to send a message with the desktop recorder

1] Click on the contact your would like to message from your task list then click the blue 'Record now' button.

2] Give Bonjoro permission to access your camera and microphone so we can record your video with picture and sound - this step is understandably critical!

3] Record your video

4] Review your message, pick a thumbnail, apply the message template and edit the default text message if you like. Then click confirm and send to get it on its way!

**If you have a pre-recorded video you would like to use you can upload that video to the contact by going through all of the steps up until recording. Once you on the Recording page you can click the Upload button on the bottom. Please note the max size recommended is 100 MB.

Sending a manual message to a customer
If you have already connected your software, we'll have pulled in your latest signups or leads for you to send welcome messages to. You can also add in customer emails 1-by-1 or upload a CSV by clicking "+ NEW". Once in, follow the process above.

How to send a Bonjoro on the mobile app:  

And that's it! Enjoy Bonj-ing! 

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