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How to publish your testimonials

Embed testimonials and share the love from your superfans

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You've created a testimonial request, shared it with your best customers and they have responded with videos. Great! Read on to discover how to create and embed multiple distinct assets across your website and landing pages from these testimonials - we call these Embeds or Pulishables!

Bonjoro Testimonials will consist of the following Publishables:

  • Wall of love 7+ testimonials - available now

  • Slider, 3+ testimonials - available now

  • Quote, single testimonial - COMING SOON

This help doc will how you teach you how to prepare and use these shareable assets. Depending on your subscription you can set up multiple Publishables using our tagging system and there are 4 key steps:

1. Create a tag specific to the Publishable you are building.

2. Apply the tag to the written and/or video testimonials that you want to include on your publishable

3. Create the Publishable using the tagged responses
4. Embed your Publishable

Here's a video walkthrough or you can read on for written instructions below

  1. Create your Publishable Tag

  • Once you have received your first testimonial video you'll see there is a tag section to tag responses & manage your Publishables. click the '+' icon on this section and select 'Create and edit tags:

  • On the resulting modal type in the Tag name to the entry box and click 'Add' to create the tag. You can select a tag color a well to make it easier to recognize. Close the tag editing pop-up and move on to the next step!

2. Apply the tag to your Testimonials

  • Now apply your tag to the testimonials you would like to include in your Publishable. (You can include the same testimonial in multiple Publishables.) Click on the '+' icon on the response and select the newly created tag from the list. It will then appear in the Tag section for the response.

  • Add the tag to all other testimonials you would like to include in your Publishable. Only testimonials where permission to share has been given will be included in the Publishable

3. Creating your Publishable

On the Testimonials Tab, select the 'Embeds' Tab on the left hand menu as per the screenshot then follow the steps below

  • Click the 'Create new' button on the top right of the screen

  • Choose the type of Publishable you would like to create. Wall of Love or a Slider

  • Then choose 'Select' on the template menu and choose the tag you will be using for this Embed. You can also select the 'All' option if you would like to use all currently collected or uploaded testimonials for your embed.

  • Once you have selected a tag you can also use the 'Change Selection' button to add additional testimonials on the fly, or remove some of the tagged testimonials from the embed (this will automatically apply or remove the tag)

Don't forget, only testimonials with consent from your customers will be included from your wall. If you've received responses without consent, you may follow up with your customers directly and toggle the consent button at the top of each responses page.

Configuring your publishable display options

Once you have selected your tagged testimonials for your Slider or Wall of Love you have a few options.

1. You can have your testimonials displayed randomly when your publishable is loaded on a customers screen - or manually configure the order so it is the same every time.

2. Choose your design preferences - select the Design tab from the left menu. Here you can:

  • Choose the Font you would like for the text in your embed

  • Select a primary design colour for the quote marks on the embed

  • Choose corner roundness for each testimonial tile

  • Remove the tile drop shadow

  • Add a border

3. Configure the settings for your Publishable.

Slider Settings. Here you can:

  • Set the number of testimonials shown across the slider 1 to 3.

  • Enable auto slide, so that they rotate automatically. If disabled users will need to click the chevrons to see the next set of testimonials

  • Equalize the box height to your selected max for all testimonials

  • Set a defined max height for each testimonial - if testimonials exceed this height we will make them scrollable

  • Define the layout for the slider including Names, job titles, profile images, dates for individual testimonials, pagination indicator and navigation chevrons.

Wall of Love settings. Here you can:

  • Set a max height for the each tile in your Wall of Love. If the content in any individual tile exceeds he max height, we will make it scrollable.

  • Equalize the box height to your selected max for all testimonials

  • Enable a 'Load More' button for mobile view of the WoL so it does not take up as much screen space on a smaller device

  • Define the layout for the testimonials including Names, job titles, profile images, dates for individual testimonials.

4. Publishing your Wall of Love or Slider

Publishing your Embed is done using an iFrame embed code:

  • Head to the 'Embed' tab on the left hand menu

  • Click the 'Embed link' button for the Wall of Love you would like to publish

  • Copy the iFrame code from the resulting modal

  • Paste the iFrame code into your website where you would like the Wall of Love to be displayed

N.B. Your Wall of Love will fit to the width of the iframe container you place it in. If you want to adjust the width of your Wall of Love, you will need to manually adjust the width of the container in your CMS’s settings. This will manifest in your Wall of Love only displaying two videos wide, changing your CMS settings to increase the container width will allow you to increase the number of videos across your Wall of Love.

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