Bonjoro Testimonials Roadmap
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N.B. This is our short-term roadmap. All of the features below are currently in design and testing stage and will be hitting your account soon!

Check back here for more updates in the near future, and make any feature suggestions of your own via our Live Chat.

Slider embeds

This new embed type will allow you to create a slider block of testimonials to embed on your website or landing pages. Here's a preview of how it's going to look!

New embed settings

This new setting function will give you greater control over the look and feel of the testimonials displayed on your testimonial embeds.

Manage testimonials improvements

We will be adding better selection, tagging, and filtering interface to make managing and publishing your responses much easier.

Wall of love - design UI improvements

We're going to make it much easier to tag and build your Wall of Love embeds. Here's a preview of the new UI.

Wall of Love - manual ordering of testimonials

You will be able to manually set the order of the testimonials that appear on your Wall of Love embeds. This will help you show the best ones at the top, and your updates will reflect instantly on your live site, so you won't need a developer to change it for you!

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