Custom Subdomains

Add a layer of customization to your landing pages

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Introducing the ability to add your company, team or product name into the landing page URL where your videos are played. Apart from being a a great way to reinforce your brand and add personalisation this also comes with the very practical benefit of improving your email deliverability. More on this below.

How to set up your custom subdomain

It's a few simple steps to set up your subdomain.

2) Under the 'Subdomain' heading click the 'Add Subdomain' button

3) In the resulting pop up write in subdomain you would like to add for your landing page subdomains. Then click 'Save subdomain'

That's it - all set!

Why set up subdomains?

Firstly, you can add your branding to your landing page URLs.

Secondly, it will increase your deliverability over time. The more advanced inbox providers (E.g. Gmail) scan email content and follow links in your emails to evaluate where the email should be placed in the recipients inboxes and folders. Custom subdomains allow you to build up a personal reputation over time for you Bonjoro messages that is distinct from the aggregate reputation associated with the Bonjoro domain.
Sending great personalised messages to your recipients that get great engagement will reinforce your reputation and increase the likelihood of primary inbox placement over time.

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