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Create Custom Domains for your Video landing pages
Create Custom Domains for your Video landing pages

Host your Bonjoro videos on your own domain URL

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This help doc will explain how to host your Bonjoro videos on a subdomain of your own business domain.

To set this up you will need:

  1. Your own business domain

  2. Access to, or a tech team with access to, your DNS settings

  3. A subdomain you would like to host your Bonjoro video on. For example or

This process is managed through the creation of a CNAME record with your domain host. See lower in the document for the help docs for this process for some common DNS providers. If yours isn't listed please try a quick google search for specific instructions.

How to set up your Custom Domain

Step 1 - Choosing your domain

The first step is to consider the subdomain on which you would like to host your videos.

  • Log into your Bonjoro account on Computer and head to settings > Domains

  • Scroll down to the 'Custom Domain' section and click 'Connect Domain'.

  • On the resulting pop-up enter both the subdomain where you would like to host your Bonjoro Videos and your primary domain in the relevant field. Your domain will need to be entered correctly in full to work.

  • Click 'Save domain'

Step 2 - Creating your CNAME record

Once you have your custom domain selected and saved the system will generate a CNAME record. You need to navigate to your domain host and enter the 2 values required to set up this record.

  • Navigate to your DNS provider/Domain host and log in

  • Go to your DNS settings

  • Click create CNAME record, copy and add both the 'Key' and 'Value' records exactly as they appear in the settings > domain drop down in Bonjoro.
    Note: Depending on your domain host, the value we refer to as 'Key' can be described as 'Host', "Host Record', 'Name', 'Alias'. It almost always is entered on the left of most interfaces. The record we label as 'Value' can also be called 'Host Name' or 'CNAME' or 'points to'. It is entered on the right in most domain/DNS host interfaces.

  • Once you have created the record, save it and it will usually take 20 minutes or so to verify. It can in unusual instances take up to 48 hours but typically if it has not verified within 24 hours something is not configured correctly.


Setup Instructions for common DNS providers.

Please note that your Domain host/ DNS provider can be different from the service you used to purchase your Domain name (Your Domain Registrar). E.g. you purchased your domain from Godaddy as your Domain Registrar but use Cloudlfare as your Domain Host. You will need to create the record with your Domain/DNS Host

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