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Mobile App Notifications

Information about our push notifications

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Mobile App Notifications

Whenever a Task is created and assigned to you , from another team member or from an integration, you'll receive a handy little notification. 

This is especially great if you have an integration set up for new customers, as the quicker you send a message, your view rate increases exponentially.

Bonjoro updates trigger once an hour - this may be 3mins after someone signs-up or 59 minutes.  The reason is that if you have 20 signups, we don't want to annoy you with all those pings, so we pull them together for you and give you updates regularly.

We've actually looked into the stats, and there is no additional impact of sending one within an hour - most people check / view their bonjoros after 1 hour, but less than 1 day

Watched, Opened & Thanked - App notification

Whenever a message you have sent is opened, watched and thanked, we'll give you a handy notification on the app.

How to change notifications within Bonjoro

Head to your preferences > Notifications and edit here

HELP! Make sure when you download the mobile app to give Bonjoro permission to send you notifications. If you are having trouble with your push notifications please make sure to check your phone settings for the Bonjoro app and make sure the notifications are turned on. 

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