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Questions and answers to our most asked email inquires.

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Here are some of most asked questions we get about our email integrations and domains set up.Β 

Q: Why should I connect my email address with Bonjoro?
A: Your customers will be more likely to open and interact with your content if it's from a trusted source. Think about your own inbox. Do you open all of the emails you get? Maybe. If you open an email do you notice who it's from? Absolutely! Common qualifiers are the name but also the email address itself. If the recipient can see it's from a familiar domain they are more likely to trust your content is safe and valuable.

Q: What mail integrations to you currently support?
A: Google's Gmail and Microsoft Outlook (Hotmail / etc).

Q: Why is my domain not verified yet?
A: Make sure you have added the TXT record to your DNS provider. When you add a TXT record to your DNS provider it can take some time for that information to travel across the internet (up to 48 hours). Be patient and check back regularly.
Q: How do I find out who my DNS provider is?
A: Sometimes your domain name registrar is not the same service that is responsible for handling your DNS setup. To find out who your DNS provider is we recommend using this tool:

Just enter your domain name and DNS lookup will tell you which service you currently use!

Q: What is this unusual default Bonjoro email address I see when configuring my senders?
A: That is your default Bonjoro email address which was created with your account when you registered. All replies are sent initially to this address and then forwarded on to you.

Q: When I send a message the reply address in the message is my default Bonjoro email address. Why is this?
A: All email replies to this message will be addressed to your default email address so that Bonjoro can process the reply and show it in your results. We then forward the reply email to your account email address and, if you have a custom email address set as you reply forwarding address a reply is also sent to this address.

Q: I'm getting two reply emails in my inbox when someone sends a reply to my message. Why is this?
A: If you have a custom email address set as your reply forwarding address a reply is also sent to this address. If this email address is the same as your profile email address this could be the reason. Just set your reply forwarding address to your default bonjoro address and the duplicates will stop.

Q: Can I have all of my replies be sent to single email address for myself and all my team members?
A: Yes! To do this create a custom email address that you want all your replies to be forwarded to. Go to
Configure Senders and set your team members reply forwarding address to this address. This is limited to email addresses that you own. Should you have another tool you want replies forwarded too, for example Intercom, just setup email forwarding to that Intercom address via your email provider.

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