Masterclass Lesson 6

Inspiration from the best

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Welcome to Class 6

Inspiration from the best

Picasso famously said Good artists copy; great artists steal. Which Steve jobs promptly stole and used the quote for himself. Let's steal all the best practices the most productive Bonjoro customers are using.

We asked a few customers to share examples of their Video messages, and to each share one piece of advice for new users.

Announcer Mortgage team - Using Bonjoro to drive huge customer advocacy and WOM: We're proud that the vast majority of our growth is by word of mouth and referral, and that comes down to how we treat customers. Bonjoro lets us go that extra mile.

Andreas Lodahl, Munk Store - Using Bonjoro to drive reviews on Trustpilot: Since using Bonjoro our Trustpilot stats has increased from 10.2% to 19.4%. Get started! Don't wait.

Sam Hurd, Photographer - Using Bonjoro to increase retention of his Patreon subscribers: It’s incredibly effective. Personal messages have a HUGE amount of value and staying power. Don’t make it too professional or it comes across as Disingenuous

Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income - Using Bonjoro to create SuperFans: It’s a fantastic resource for making a solid first impression

Ontraport team - Using Bonjoro to increase attendance for sales and onboarding calls: We saw a fifteen percent boost in appointment attendance for both sales and on boarding calls.

If you'd like more inspiration, you can see the full customer stories as well as 15 more examples here

We also have a number of case studies on our blog

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