Add Email Messages to CTA

How to add a reply email response to Call to Action

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Our CTA is a clickable link for message recipients to click and be redirected to a website or online form right from the video. But... what if... your recipient could click your CTA and automatically be directed to send you an email back? Would you love it or would you love it?!

Here is how to set up your CTA to link to an automatic email response.

  1. Head to the Design section of your account and click EDIT CTA

  2. Change the button text to "Reply" or "Email me" etc

  3. Change the URL to: mailto:[email protected]

Obviously use your own email, not [email protected] :)

Optional: Adding in pre-filled subject line and body text

You can set this so that when a customer clicks your reply button, it not only opens their email to reply, but it also pre-fills their subject line. For instance have it pre-filled as "Bonjoro reply".

To do this copy the text below, replacing all the bold text with your own email, subject line, and body copy if you wish:

mailto:[email protected]?subject=ADD SUBJECT LINE&body=ADD BODY TEXT


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