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Automatic Resends from Bonjoro

You can set your unengaged messages to be automatically resent after a few days.

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Second times the charm! Now you can set your messages that haven't been viewed to be automatically resent after a few days - the exact number is up to you. Resends have been recently updated to reduce the risk of spam complaints so may look different than you remember. Before we run through the set up there are a few things to consider:

  • The reminders are the same for all messages you send - so the content needs to be recognizable but if you have more than 1 template it should not be specific to that particular template / workflow / use case.

  • Add as much text as makes sense - the more unique you make the messaging, and the higher the text to image ratio the more likely the message will be placed in the primary inbox. You want to differentiate your reminders as much as possible from those sent by other Bonjoro users.

  1. Go to and go to Settings. (You can find it in the settings menu cog at the top 

  2. Select Resend Workflow from the list on the left

3. This will open your Resend Workflow. You can edit this at any time.

There are a few components to the re-send messages.

Subject line: Add a subject line that makes the email recognizable - use your brand name or your own name if personal brand is part of the offering.

[Message Body]: Replace this component with the message text you would like in your reminder - you don't need to retain the brackets.

{display_thumbnail} and {bonjoro_url}: These are dynamically populated thumbnail and link variables. The Bonjoro URL variable is required and you won't be able to enable resends without it. We recommend using the thumbnail.

{profile_information}: This is your name and bio information as configured in settings > prfile.

Days to delay: Choose the number of days to wait before sending the reminder. We recommend 1-3, not longer than that otherwise people forget.

***You MUST include {bonjoro_url} in the body of the email in order to attach the Bonjoro's unique URL.***

4. Click Update  and you are DONE! 

Here at Bonjoro we use 2 days as the default resend timeframe but we encourage you to test to see what works best for your audience.

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