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Adding the recipients name to the thumbnail
Adding the recipients name to the thumbnail

A quick hack to add customers' names to the email thumbnail

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Here's a great trick sent through to us by one of our fantastic users, Marla from Reclaimed Health. You can see the Video message she sent us here

A more digital option - if you have a spare or old smartphone lying around is to use the app Big. Write their name on your phone and hold it up as you wave!

Either way, the end result is a fast, easy way to let your recipients know your message is just for them by including their name on a branded card at the beginning of the video like the example below. This will help with open and view rates as recipients realise the video is personalised, rather than a pre-recorded piece of automated marketing.

What you'll need:

  1. A transparent document holder

  2. A whiteboard marker

  3. A Powerpoint or Keynote A4 slide. We use a simple page as below

That's it, simple, quick and cheaper than buying a dedicated small whiteboard! If you would like a simple powerpoint template please drop us a message using the chat box on the website!

Happy Bonjoroing!

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