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Embed a Bonjoro into a web page
Embed a Bonjoro into a web page

Tips and tricks to share your Bonjoros online

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You just recorded the best Video message ever, where you fend off a small squirrel army but forge on, all in the name of outstanding customer service....and you want to show prospective customers the lengths you'll go to for them, we get it:)

If you'd like to embed any Video message directly into a web page, first of all grab your unique message link.  You can get this by navigating to your results tab ( and clicking on any sent bonjoro then "Open Original" to open it in a new window- then just grab the URL. 

 Pop this URL in the iframe code below et Voila:

<iframe class="bonjoro-embed" src="" width="250" height="250" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Autoplay can be set to on, or off

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