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Increase views, be amazingly personal and cut your reliance on email

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Setting up Bonjoro On-Web delivery for your site means that when someone logs-in to your platform, they will be able to watch any un-viewed Bonjoro messages right on the page! Get more views, sidestep email inbox gatekeepers and add an amazing layer of personalization to your on-web experience.

A few key things to note:

  • This will only work for messages you send after you have on-web delivery configured.

  • On web delivery requires a set up where your customers log in or register to your site - so we can identify them by their email address and deliver their video message. We understand there are many businesses that do not follow this model and we will work to expand the ways in which we can deliver.

  • Un-viewed Video messages will only show once customers log in to your site.

There are three key steps to follow to get on-web sorted.

  1. Install and configure the web delivery code snippet on your site

  2. Configure the Widget display options

  3. Send video messages!

1. Install and configure the Web Delivery code snippet

HONEST TIP: Some basic programming knowledge is required so we strongly recommend you get help from a developer for this step. For them, this will be a casual stroll in the park on a sunny afternoon. If you do not have that level of understanding or access to someone who does, contact me directly at [email protected]

Go to Settings and find Web Delivery setup in the left hand nav.

You will see the following box and instructions on the Web Delivery setup page. Follow these steps, in short, you need to fill the variable fields and copy the snippet into your site headers.

2. Configure the Widget display options

Once the script is working, it is time to customise where it will appear and what the widget is going to look like. You can have the message display on all pages (recommended) or you can choose specific pages by adding the URLs.

Now the fun bit begins! Designing your widget.

This is what the customisation page looks like. So what are you able to customise?

  • You can choose if you want the message to appear on the left or right of the screen;

  • If you have live chat on your site, you can make it appear above that bubble so there isn't any overlap;

  • The colour of the border that surrounds your widget; and

  • If this will show at all times or only if they haven't already watched your Bonjoro.

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