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Questions to ask - A starting point
Questions to ask - A starting point
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You've uploaded your testimonials and have them on your website. So how do we go about taking things to the next level? This is where our survey builder comes in clutch!

You can build a quick survey that allows you to:

  • Ask up to 6 questions.

  • You can choose if you want the video or written responses or you can let your respondent choose.

  • Get their consent to use the content.

  • Provide profile photos, company logos and social media links

Once you've built the survey, you can just copy/paste the survey link wherever you want to:

If you'd like some tips on the types of questions you can ask, we researched over 100 websites and testimonials to create our new educational series Testimonials Teardown (go watch it after reading this!), where we uncover the tactics and thinking behind the very best testimonials.

Q1 Who do you think is the best fit for [Your brand]?

Your products and services aren’t the best fit for everyone. By having your customers establish who they are for, you build more trust and affinity with the prospect. This is absolutely key to your website conversion rates - don’t be afraid to niche down to get the best results.

Q2 What were things like before working with [Your brand]?

It is important to frame benefits against how things were before. Saving 100 hours of work sounds fine, but vague and hard to relate to. Someone explaining how they were able to take the work of two full time employees and shift it to new more productive activities because of your tool, that will ring familiar for prospects and have a much stronger and more believable hook.

Q3 What does it feel like to use/own a [Your brand]?

For more emotive, high-end or luxury brands you really want to get into how a product or service makes someone feel. Describing a Rolex by just listing the metals and number of diamonds is woefully underplaying it. A Rolex is about luxury, sophistication and class. Same thing with a $10,000 Masterclass. It’s not just what is said. It’s the network, it’s the community, it’s the exclusivity.

Q4 What results have you seen now that you have implemented [Your brand]?

If you are in the B2B world sometimes you just want to be straight to the point. What are the benefits, and what results can people expect from using your product? Getting these benefits in front of your prospect in the most authentic way possible will have a big impact on your website’s conversion rates.

Q5 Why does using tools like [Your brand] matter?

I like this question because it strikes the emotional cord of “What is this all about?”. At Bonjoro we send personal videos, but why it matters is because we, and our customers, believe that human connection and relationships matter. Humans are driven by emotion - make sure people connect with your purpose, not just your product.

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