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Resend non-viewed messages (custom) from in your CRM

How to resend un-watched messages to get 15% more views, and set up Post-Bonjoro automation triggers - in this example using Intercom

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To re-send Bonjoros, you can use our Re-send workflow in your Bonjoro account (SET UP HERE) for simplicity, however if you want more customisation you can also do this via your CRM. To learn how, read on.

I've structured this around - however the principles should apply to many CRM's.  You may need to play around with the settings a bit for different setups but this walkthrough should get you most the way there.

We've shown plain-text resends of unwatched messages after 3 days to increase views by 10 - 20% on average. For most of you, use the workflow to do this in the Bonjoro platform - some users may prefer to run this through their CRM for extra control.  I'll explain how this is set up and works below, and then how this can be used to trigger future messaging actions in your CRM, depending on if a Bonjoro is watched or not.

Step 1: Set up Watched & Sent Tags in your CRM

Using Zapier - set up a workflow with "Bonjoro Watched" as the trigger, and the action as "Add user Tag". Here we use Intercom, but this will work in a similar fashion for most CRM's and Mailing lists.

If you would like to not only tag a customer when they have watched a Bonjoro, but also add a link to the Bonjoro that was sent - add a second event as below:

Repeat this with "Bonjoros sent" and you should start to see tags applied to your customers when you send a bonjoro and when a bonjoro is watched like below.

Step 2: Set up a new Zap to add customer attributes for the "Bonjoro URL" and "Assignee" to the customer

If working in a team - we need one more pieces of information in our CRM about the Bonjoro - who sent this.  In some CRM's you may be able to gather the Bonjoro URL from Step 1 as a variable attribute in the messages you sent up - Intercom doesn't allow this to be gathered from a tag, so we create it as a customer attribute instead. To To do this, create a NEW ZAP set up as below: 

The important thing here is that you need to choose the email from Bonjoro sent, and then "Find user" with that email in Intercom - to match them, and then Step 4 - we edit that user in Intercom by adding 2 custom attributes. These are the Bonjoro URL (the page which the Bonjoro plays on) and the email address of the person who sent the Bonjoro.

NOTE: Step 3 is optional. We add in a fliter to only continue if the customer exists. This is because Step 4 in intercom only allows CREATE / UPDATE USER so if you ever send a Bonjoro to a non-customer, it ends up creating them as a customer in intercom.

Step 3: Create you Auto-resend / follow up intercom messages using these custom tags and attributes

You now need to create a 3-day (or however many days you wish) follow up message for EACH team member who sends bonjoros.  The reason is that we want to send the follow up from the same team member that sent the original Bonjoro.

The rules and setup are as follows:

Your rules match:

  • Bonjoro sent 3 days ago (from the bonjoro sent tag)

  • Bonjoro watched is 0 (from the bonjoro watched tag)

  • Bonjoroassignee contains Matt (from the bonjoro assignee custom attribute)

In this instance, the message sender = bonjoro assigneee, so Matt - and the content of the message contains the "Custom attribute" of "BonjoroURL" which they can click to play. The end email / message sent looks something like:

Beyond Resends

Now that you have tags and attributes set-up you can build additional future messaging based on who watched your messages, who watched multiple time, who shared your messages etc etc
Not only this, but you can also measure the impact of a Video message on your conversion, conversations and retention over time.

A note on plain text: We find simplicity works best for us, but feel free to design your follow up emails however you wish:)

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