Webhooks will allow you to connect Bonjoro to your own custom applications. You can both trigger a task to be created from a webhook, or alternatively use Bonjoro as the trigger and add Bonjoro URL's and other information into your app.

Whilst we do have Webhooks down on our timeline for a direct integration, if you're impatient, you can hop on and set these up right now with our Zapier plugin and their webhooks API: https://zapier.com/apps/bonjoro/integrations/webhook

Webhooks as triggers

  • Retrieve Poll

  • Catch Hook

  • Catch Raw Hook

This is generally used to create a "to-do" bonjoro. You'll need an email address to be added. Names and "reasons" are options.

Webhooks as actions

  • PUT

  • POST

  • Custom request

  • GET

This is used where you wish to change something in your app or add the Bonjoro URL in response to a Bonjoro trigger such as "Bonjoro Sent" or "Bonjoro watched" you can see the full list of triggers here.Β 

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