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Bonjoro affiliate FAQs and Walkthrough
Bonjoro affiliate FAQs and Walkthrough

Learn how the Bonjoro affiliate program works (video and FAQs)

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Thanks for signing up to the Bonjoro affiliate program! (If you didn't do that already, head here to sign up)

Watch the video below to find out more about the Tapfiliates platform we use to run the program, including how to get around, what the stats mean, and when and how you get paid for your referrals.

If you don't have time to watch it all, never fear, TLDW is here... 

TLDW (Too long didn't watch):

1. We pay 30% month on month for every single paying customer you send our way

2. Impressions = people who have seen the images you share from our assets library (only a few people use the images so don't worry if you're not)

3. Clicks = the number of people you send to the Bonjoro homepage by clicking on your affiliate link

4. Your affiliate link drops a cookie when someone hits the homepage. This cookie lasts for 90 days, so if they sign up at any point within 90 days of clicking your link, you get the conversion/commission

5. We have two types of conversion so you can see what's going on:

i) Signup - someone signs up to Bonjoro and starts their free 14 day trial. No money due

ii) Standard - someone pays for Bonjoro. 30% MOM commission due for the lifetime of that customer

6. I manually approve and disapprove all conversions over here. 99% of the time I will just hit approve, but 1% of the time you might see a conversion disapproved in your dashboard. The reason for this is a failed credit card charge. If Stripe fires, but the card is declined for any reason, I will need to disapprove that conversion. I will approve as soon as we get a successful payment.

7. You will see pending conversions in your dashboard until I log in and approve/disapprove them. I will ensure these are approved by the 28th of every month when payments are made. If you are confused about the commission value you see in the dashboard, just contact me and I will clear things up for you.

If you have any other questions about the program hit me up on Live Chat and I'll get back as soon as I see your message :)


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