Here's a great trick sent through to us by one of our fantastic users, Marla from Reclaimed Health. You can see the Video message she sent us here

The end result is a fast, easy way to let your recipients know your message is just for them by including their name on a branded card at the beginning of the video like the example below. This will help with open and view rates as recipients realise the video is personalised, rather than a pre-recorded piece of automated marketing.

What you'll need:

  1. A transparent document holder

  2. A whiteboard marker

  3. A Powerpoint or Keynote A4 slide. We use a simple page as below

That's it, simple, quick and cheaper than buying a dedicated small whiteboard! If you would like a simple powerpoint template please drop us a message using the chat box on the website!

Happy Bonjoroing!

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