This is one of my favourite workflows that we use internally, and its just awesome for culture, transparency, and most importantly - weekly contests to see who gets the most love.

Connect the slack workflow

  1. Head to workflows and Add a new workflow.

  2. Select "Bonjoro" as the first service

  3. Select Bonjoro created to add notifications for new tasks to a slack channel. Select Bonjoro interacted to add notifications for views and replies to a slack channel. To use both, create two seperate workflows.

  4. Follow the steps, connect your slack account and choose the channel to publish.

Your Slack notifications

You'll see notifications appear in your slack channel with links to:

  • The message you sent

  • The reason you sent it

  • What they have done on the message (watched etc)

  • Your message and their reply

  • A link to send a reply

Send email feedback to this channel

A lot of great feedback your team will receive comes in Email. Get this into the feedback channel with the handy slack channel email integration. Whenever a customer gives good feedback, encourage your team to send it in and share with everyone.

Step 1: Click on the little cog icon in the top right of the channel - it should say "Channel Settings" when you hover over it. In the dropdown click "Add apps:

Step 2: Search for the email app:

Step 3: Add this to the channel, and it gives you a forward email - save this in your address book and give to all your team. Now whenever a great email comes in, forward and it'll pop into the slack channel.

Other things we use for feedback

Notify - post whenever someone mentions you on twitter

Copy and past feedback from everywhere else

  • Apple:  - CMD + SHIFT + 4 to copy anything from your screen and then CMD+V to paste it into the slack channel

  • Windows: Use the Snipping tool

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