Create a task from an email (Automation)

Using Zapier to create Bonjoros from Gmail or IMAP emails you receive, great if you do not have a CRM or Mailing list

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If you are not using a CRM or Mailing list (or even if you are) there is another great way to automatically add customers to your task list...from your email.

To do this we are going to use Zapier - if you have not heard of this, its free to use and you can read a little more about how we integrate with it here.

I'll run through how to do this with Gmail, but Zapier also has an IMAP function which will work with all emails (see here) and it will work with similar steps.ย 

Other times you may want to use and email integration:

  • Customer orders come through your email

  • We don't have a CRM / Zapier integration for you but you still receive email notifications of users / orders

  • You want to respond ย to specific emails with a Bonjoro not text

Step 1 - Setting up email on Zapier

Add your email client as the Trigger in Zapier - if using Gmail, the Trigger you want to select is "New Email Matching Search"

Step 2 - Search / Filter Options

Connect your email account then in Edit Options enter your search string. There are a host of different search strings here so read the "Learn more" which lists the search operators. ย In this example we are searching subject lines for New Order.

Step 3 - Create a message with the correct customer email

You must have an Email address selected. When you select the dropdown you are presented with Variables - select then one that aligns with the customer email you want to send a message to. This could be the sender email, or it could be an email in the body text, subject line etc.ย 

Some of the options you can select for the customer email.

Step 4 - Test and give a "Reason"

Test this out and it should create a "To-do" in your Bonjoro account. Your "Reason" can be text that you input aka "New customer from email" or you can select a variable too.

As always, if you get stuck, just reach out:)


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