Before you can even send a Video message, you need add a contact on your tasklist first, then send them the message. There are 4 super easy ways for you to add your contacts: 

  1. Manually - 1-1 (Applies to mobile and desktop) 
  2. CSV
  3. Automatically via workflows
  4. Roll Ups - send 1 message to many (only available on the Growth Plan) 

1. Adding Contacts Manually on mobile📱and Desktop🖥

Adding a contact on desktop 🖥

On Desktop, pop onto your 'Messages' tab. From there click on "+New". Click "Send to one person". From there, follow the steps and at the end click "create" and you'll be brought back to the tasklist. But if you want to add another contact, click on "Create and add another".

Adding on a Contact on mobile 📱

To add a Contact on your tasklist, all you need to do is swipe left, this should take you to "Create New". From there add your contact, hit done on your keyboard, then click the plus button on the top right hand corner. This will take you to the record screen, but if you do not want to record your message right away, just hit close and your contact will be in your tasklist.

2. How to upload a CSV

One way to quickly add a list of existing contacts to your tasklist is to use our CSV uploader.  These could be an export from your Mailing list, CRM, or contacts from a trade show. 

First of all log into your account on on your desktop then head to the tasklist  (not app). If you have not logged into your Bonjoro web account before, just use the same login details as you would on the app.

1. Select "+New" and Upload CSV

2.Download our CSV Template by selecting "Download the template file"

3. Import your contacts & save as .csv

Open the Contacts.csv file in your editor (Microsoft Exel or similar) and edit.

  • Don't delete row 1 
  • Email is required
  • First_name & Last_name are optional.
  • Make sure you save as a .csv not .xls!!!

4. Upload and assign contacts to a team member

Upload your saved .csv file, and then select the team member from your dropdown that you would like to assign these messages to do.  Select Confirm and you're done:)

🆘Help🆘 - My CSV won't upload!

Please see here for some common troubleshooting

3. Adding Contacts using Workflows

Workflows are great if you want your contacts added automatically. To add a Workflow, head to "Workflows" or click on "+New" > "Workflows". 

Check out on our workflows to see who we integrate with

To read more about setting up your workflows head to

Set up my workflow

4.  Roll ups - Sending 1 message to many (Only on the Growth Plan)

Roll ups is our brand new feature available on the Growth Plan. If you'd like to know more about Roll Ups and how you can do so by clicking here: 

Roll me over to Roll Ups!

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