Workflow integrations automatically assign your team Bonjoro's to record when customers perform certain actions such as signing up, upgrading, replying to a message, or submitting a request.  This means you can get on with your day, knowing that your Bonjoro's are taken care of as and when they are needed.

How to link Bonjoro & Active campaign

When we don't have a dedicated integration, you can still usually setup a Bonjoro integration using Zapier as the go between for more than 750 services.  With an Active campaign integration you could:

  • Send a welcome Bonjoro when new customers sign up or enter a segment.
  • Cheer new paying customers
  • Send monthly follow ups with leads & existing customers
  • Respond to customer support requests
  • etc

What is Zapier?

Zapier provides easy automation between your web apps, so you can focus on your most important work.  Zapier has over 750 other apps on the platform and you can pretty much connect anything to anything.

See their full app directory here

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