Workflow integrations automatically assign your team Bonjoro's to record when customers perform certain actions such as signing up, upgrading, replying to a message, or submitting a request.  This means you can get on with your day, knowing that your Bonjoro's are taken care of as and when they are needed.

So how can I connect my AC (Active Campaign) with Bonjoro you ask, well it's super easy! 

  1. Go to Workflows and then click on +Add a workflow. 
  2. Click onto AC, choose a trigger, then click on select an account and add your AC account. You will need your API Key and URL from AC (You can find this in settings>Developer in AC). 
  3. Once that has been added, test your account and then select the account. 
  4. Go to configure options and click on the mailing list you would like to pull your contacts from. 

   5. Select a Bonjoro service and then choose an action.
   6.  Go to configure Options and select the attributes you'd like to pull from with AC            to go into Bonjoro. Attributes are a great way to pull in more info about your                 contact and make your Bonjoros more personal.
   7. Finally hit the orange continue button at the bottom of Configure Options and               finalise your integration by naming your integration and turning it on by hitting the        On button.

Aaaaand that's it! If you get stuck at any point, hit that chat button on the bottom right hand corner and chat with our awesome support team. :) 

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