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How to set up the Thinkific Integration and workflows

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To our beloved Thinkific creators,

You can now connect Bonjoro to your Thinkific account so you can quickly and easily send personalized video messages to welcome and connect with your course attendees!

You can add contacts into your Bonjoro account based on two Thinkific events:

· User Signup (generic)

· Course Enrollment (course specific)

Please check out the video on how to set up your integration and workflow. If you need to add your Thinkific account for the first time please check the instrucitons in the 'Select an account' section below. If you are looking to understand what integrations do at a more basic level please check out our integration introduction doc.

Once connected with your Thinkific account, Bonjoro will pull the course attendee’s email into your Bonjoro app, so you can quickly record them a personal video message, and send it direct to their email inbox.

You will receive a notification of the new course attendee, then all you have to do is record your video message with Bonjoro. Here's how to get set up:

Sign up for a Bonjoro account.

You can sign up for a Bonjoro account right here. There's a free 14 day trial, so you can try out personal videos and see if your students love them before buying anything. We know they will!

Then head to the Integrations tab, and click 'Create new'

This will launch the integration editor.

Connect your Thinkific account to Bonjoro

1. Create your Trigger event

Select a Service: Select Thinkific from the list then click Continue.

Choose a Trigger: User Signup or Course Enrollment - please click on one to select it and then hit Continue. If you'd like to use more than one, set up multiple integrations.

Select an Account: Now it's time to add your Thinkific account. Select Connect to Thinkific. This will bring up another window for you to add your Thinkific Subdomain name which is part of your Thinkific site address.

To find your subdomain name, log into your Thinkific account and go into Settings, in the site URL box, copy your My Thinkific URL.


My Thinkific URL:

Subdomain name is: eric-s-school-a09d

After entering your Subdomain name, click Accept & Install

Once you have installed your Thinkific account, click on the tile that represents your Thinkific account, then click CONTINUE. The continue button will remain greyed out until you select your account. We support adding multiple different Thinkific accounts to a Bonjoro account and this step is necessary to allow users to select from multiple options.

Filters (Optional for Grrrowth Plan or Higher)

Set up filters to only let some students through your Bonjoro workflow.

Learn more about filters here

2. Create your Action in Bonjoro

Select a Service: Select Bonjoro and hit Continue.

Choose an Action: Click Create a Bonjoro then Continue.

Customize: This is where you can automatically pull information about your contacts from your Thinkific account to your Bonjoro account. This information will help you personalize your messages. Add as many custom fields as you want. (i.e. first and last name, email address, bio, headline, etc.) See how here

Workspace (optional): If your integration is part of a workspace you can select it here. This is optional.

Task Identifier: Enter a reason for this task. For internal purposes only to identify taks from this workflow on your Bonjoro Tasklist. Only you will see this information, the recipient will not.

Assign a team member: Select the team member the Bonjoro task will be assigned to (can be yourself).

Default template: Select which template you’d like to accompany the video message.

Click Check and Set Live, then Set Live again.

That's it!

Great job, you are connected!

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